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Woman of the Month Archives: Previously Featured Women

Gwendolyn Brooks

Poet, Pulitzer Prize Winner (1950)

October 2017

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Maria Tallchief

Prima Ballerina

December 2017

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Grace Hopper

Rear Admiral, Mathematician, Computer Scientist

January 2018

Image Source, © Lynn Gilbert

Madam C.J. Walker

Self-made millionaire

February 2018

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Women in Wartime

Women who have served their countries throughout the ages

March 2018

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Wangari Maathai

Environmental Activist, Women's Rights Activist, Nobel Prize Winner (2004)

April 2018

Image Source, © Fredrick Onyango


Hawaii's Queen

May 2018

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Miss Ludy

Educator, Athlete

September 2018

Mary McLeod Bethune

Educator, Activist

October 2018