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Library Policies


Borrowing and Returning Items:

Fines, Fees and Referrals:

(Personal items)





Who can borrow items 

Materials at the Edens Library can be checked out by Columbia College students*, faculty, staff, and Columbia College alumnae.

*Note: Students may not check out materials if they owe $5.00 or more in late fines or if they have materials checked out that are 21 or more days overdue. 

Columbia College Alumnae 

Columbia College Alumnae who wish to check out library materials should see the CircIT Desk Manager or a Librarian for assistance.

Columbia College Alumnae patrons are allowed to have a maximum of two books from the General Collection checked out on their record. Alumnae patrons are not permitted to check out Media materials. 


Procedure for Borrowing 

Locate the materials you want and take them to the CircIT Desk on the Main Level. All materials that circulate must be checked out at the CircIT Desk. Columbia College students, faculty, and staff must present their Columbia College ID. Columbia College alumnae must present a valid driver's license or state ID. 


Number of items that can be borrowed 

While there are no limits on the number of books a Columbia College student or faculty/staff member may have out at one time, the following limits do apply in other cases:

  • Only 5 video items may be checked out at one time.
  • Only three Reserve items may be checked out at one time.
  • Alumnae and reciprocal patrons may only check out two books at one time. 


Loan periods - how long items may be kept 

  • BOOKS: 3 weeks
  • CDs, Kits: 3 weeks
  • DVDs: 1 week
  • Course Reserves: As indicated 


Where to return materials

Materials may be returned either at the CircIT Desk or in the overnight book drop near the outside main door. 


Renewing materials

Materials needed longer than the above lending periods may be renewed at the CircIT Desk on the Main Level or over the phone (786-3877). 

  • Books and media may be renewed once.
  • Reserve materials cannot be renewed.
  • Items on Hold for another patron cannot be renewed. 


Fines for overdue materials

Fines may be charged for overdue materials. Students may not check out materials if they either owe $5.00 or more in late fines or if they have materials checked out that are 21 or more days overdue. 


Circulation notices

Circulation notices are sent as a courtesy to remind library patrons of overdue items, hold pickups, and as a statement of charges owed to the library. As a courtesy, the library sends a notice of overdue materials to borrowers, but it is the borrower's responsibility to know when materials are due and to see that they are returned on time. 


Business Office Referrals

The Business office serves as the collection agency for students who owe fines or charges to the library. A list of students with unpaid library fines/charges is sent to the business office each term. 

Returning Students:

  • Any outstanding charges of $5.00 or above is posted to the student's Business office account and carried over to the next subsequent term.
  • Students may not register for class until their library account is cleared. Also, students with a library fine of $5.00 or above will not be able to check out library materials or incur additional library charges until all fines have been settled.

Graduating Seniors:

  • A letter is sent to prospective graduates stating the number of books checked out on their record and a statement of money owed. A list of graduating seniors with unpaid library fines is sent upon request to the Business Office. The ABSOLUTE DEADLINE for clearing up unpaid library charges is 5:00 pm the day before commencement.
  • Transcripts will be withheld pending settlement of library fines. No official transcript will be processed and mailed out for any reason for students who owe fines. 


Missing Materials

Patrons unable to locate a title in its assigned location on the shelf should notify the CircIT Desk staff. A Missing Item Search Slip will be completed and the CircIT Desk Manager will change the items status to MISSING. A search will be conducted for the missing material. If a missing title is not located within a six month period, the CircIT Desk Manager will submit a list to the Collection Development Librarian. 


Lost Materials

When a book/media title from the J. Drake Edens Library collection is determined to be lost, the item status will be changed to LOST. The patron who has it checked out is expected to pay a $10.00 non-refundable processing fee and the replacement cost of the material.  


Damaged Materials

DO NOT return damp or damaged library materials through the book drop. Please hand them to a CircIT Desk worker with an explanation of what is wrong.

The J. Drake Edens Library staff considers damages to include - but not limited to - water damage, pencil marks, pen marks, highlighting, pages that are dog-eared or missing, teeth marks, and broken covers. Please do not write in or otherwise damage books or media material (CDs/ DVDs, KITs). Wet books are subject to mildew and must be withdrawn from the collection. Library patrons will be billed for replacement costs for book and media material that must be withdrawn. If damages occur while you have materials checked out or in your possession, contact the CircIT Desk immediately at 803-786-3877. 


Refund Policy

A full replacement value will be refunded for material returned within one year of payment. The material will be inspected before returning it to the collection and a credit is initiated. 

Contact the CircIT Desk Manager for further information. 



Computers and Computer Labs

There are four computer workstations located in the Reference area which may be used for library research as well as Word processing, researching the Web, and accessing campus email. 

There are also two computer labs located on the Lower Level in Room 121 and the Overton Media Center.  



A photocopier is located along the wall directly behind the CircIT Desk on the Main Level. Photocopying may be done at the cost of $0.10 per page for black-and-white and $0.25 per page for color. Payment is made at the CircIT Desk. It is the responsibility of the person making copies to
adhere to the Copyright Laws. A notice of copyright is posted near the copier. 


Food, drink, tobacco 

Food and drinks are allowed in the library. Please be careful with any food and dispose of the trash properly. Tobacco products and smoking (including e-cigarettes) are prohibited on campus property. 


Quiet study environment 

To ensure that a quiet atmosphere is maintained, patrons are asked to behave in a manner conducive to study and research. In heavy use areas, such as the CircIT Desk or Reference, please keep noise levels at a minimum. Also, we ask that you keep noise levels at a minimum in the study area in the Juvenile section (on the Lower Level). Due to the design of the building, noise tends to travel rather freely (and loudly) to other areas of the building.

The Upper Level is generally considered as the "quiet study floor," the area most conducive to quiet study. 


Cell phones 

To ensure that a quiet atmosphere conducive to study and research is maintained, we ask that you turn off or mute your cell phones while in the library.

If you must accept a phone call while in the library, we ask that you either keep the noise level and time of your conversation to a minimum or take the call in the library's foyer where you are less likely to disturb others who are researching and studying. 


Study Carrels

Study carrels for individual studying are located along the walls of the Upper Level. The Upper Level is generally considered as the "quiet study floor," the area most conducive to quiet individual study. 


Overton Electronic Classroom - Room 120 

The Overton Classroom for Library Instruction - Room 120 - is used for Information Literacy instruction session, which are taught by the Research & Instruction Librarians. 


Edens Library Lost & Found Policy
(For personal items located in Edens Library)

Please notify the CircIT Desk Manager of any lost and found personal items.

Identifiable Items

  • The CircIT Desk Manager will contact the individual by email if identifiable information is located on the item.
  • The item will be left in a designated location at the CircIT Desk for no more than 3 days.
  • Identifiable items belonging to individuals with no contact information available will be sent to the Columbia College Police department through campus mail.

Unidentifiable Items

  • When found unidentifiable items will be sent to the Columbia College Police Department through campus mail.