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Former President Donald Trump's Criminal Indictment Cases: Hush Money Case

Alvin Bragg


Manhattan District Attorney


Investigation: In the concluding days of the 2016 election, former president Donald Trump has been accused of paying off an individual a sum of $130,000 to avoid a sex scandal through his personal attorney Michael Cohen, in addition to falsifying business records that correspond to that payoff. The payoff is being scrutinized because of potential election interference. 

The potential criminal charges he is facing are thirty-four counts of felony for violating New York record-keeping laws.

Date of indictment: March 2023

Plea: Trump pleaded not guilty. 

The video below, produced by ABC News, discusses both the timeline of the case and gives insight and highlights questions from the perspective of the defense and prosecution.  

What's next?: A trial is scheduled for March 2024. 

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Donald Trump

Former 45th president Donald Trump 

Michael Cohen

Trump's former personal attorney

Judge Juan Merchan

Presiding Judge