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Former President Donald Trump's Criminal Indictment Cases: Home

Overview of Topic & Historical Significance

Former 45th President Donald J. Trump is currently facing indictments in three criminal cases: the Hush Money, Election Interference, and Classified Document cases. He is the first president to face criminal charges of this nature. These cases and the decisions made in them will determine the future of America. The cases are discussed individually in detail on the following pages, and below are the indictment documents. 

Key Terms

Special Counsel : a government official charged with protecting employees from illegal practices by employers and especially from employer reprisal for whistleblowing

Indictment: a formal written statement framed by a prosecuting authority and found by a jury (such as a grand jury) charging a person with an offense

Prosecution: The party by whom criminal proceedings are instituted or conducted

All term definitions above are from the Merriam Webster dictionary. 

Indictment Documents

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