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Art in Edens

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How To Look Up A Book  How To Look Up A book
How To Find Your Book On The Shelves  How To Find Your Book On The Shelves 

Art books can be found on the upper level of Edens Library. Here is an overview of the Library of Congress call numbers for art:

  • N         Visual arts 
  • NA       Architecture 
  • NB       Sculpture 
  • NC       Drawing. Design. Illustration 
  • ND      Painting 
  • NE      Print media 
  • NK      Decorative arts 
  • NX      Arts in general 
  • TR       Photography 
  • Z         Typography. Design Layout

Books are shelved by subject. So, if you find one book that seems useful, look around it on the shelf and you may find similar books. If you can't find what you're looking for in Edens Library, try Pascal Delivers. You can request books from other SC college libraries and pick them up here.

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