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EDU 218: Where to search

Dr. Davis wants you to include at least 5 scholarly sources. This guide discusses what that means and where to look.


These databases are your best bets for this assignment:

If you are off campus, you will be prompted to login after selecting a database.

Username: Your full CC email address
Password: Your CC email password

Searching More Than One Database At A Time

You may want to search more than one database at a time. This will save you from having to repeat your searches. To search more than one database at once, open any EBSCO database (like the ones listed above). Once you're in the database, look above the search box. You will see the database name. Beside that you will see Choose Databases. Click on that and it will give you a list of databases. ***Note: This list does not include non-EBSCO databases. If you wish to search a database that is not listed, like JSTOR or Opposing Viewpoints in Context, you will need to go back to the A-Z list of databases and search that one individually.*** You can check as many as you would like. Then click okay. Your search page will look the same, but it will have option Show All. You do not need to click this. It is only there to remind you which databases you selected.

Need data?

If you need data that you can't find in scholarly articles, try searching government websites like:

Tip: Type site:gov in your Google search to limit your results to only government websites.

Helpful Hints

You are not limited to just these databases. Depending on your topic, you may want to try another database. Academic Search Complete is a broad database that covers many disciplines. If your topic involves the mental health of students, then you may want to try a psychology database like PsycARTICLES. To find a complete list of all 100+ databases click the button below.

Go to A-Z List

For more help getting started, view the Research Starter Guide.