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Environmental Science: Toxic Compounds: Credo Reference

Credo Reference


Enter the name of your toxic compound in the search box. Several results from a number of highly specialized sources should come up. You toxic compound may even have its own Topic Page which will contain a Summary Article.

Note: Although it is very likely that this type of article will have the answers to at least a few of the questions your instructor wants you to explore, this first article you find probably won’t contain all of the answers. So it’s imperative that you peruse other articles and entries as well.  

Did You Know...??
The article you are viewing is the very same article you would be reading if you had the hardcopy version of that dictionary of encyclopedia right in your hands - except, of course, it is completely online. 

APA Citation in Credo Reference

Did You Know...??
Credo Reference has pre-generated, ready-made citations! Scroll down to the very end of any article and you’ll see a variety of citation formats. Feel free to copy and paste the citation into your assignment or bibliography.

But make sure... know which format your instructor expects you to use.
       In the sciences, it will likely be APA.
...the citation is correct!
       Not all pre-generated, ready-made citations are created equal. It is your responsibility to make sure that any citations you use are complete and accurate. 

Q. But won't copying and pasting something into my assignment violate academic integrity?
A. In this case, no.

In fact, these citations are provided for this very purpose, so long as you are, in fact, using material from the article for your assignment.