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Educational Technology: Ongoing projects

Educational Technology at Columbia College

Ongoing projects

Here is a selection of resources from ongoing projects from Educational Technology. These projects are the projects that are being worked on more consistently than the past projects, including monthly calendars or department research.

If you have any questions or comments about a resource, please reach out.

Tidbits and Bytes calendar

Tidbits and Bytes is a monthly calendar published during Fall and Spring semesters in conjunction with the Edens Library newsletter. The calendar shares bite-sized tips and resources on various types of educational technology.

If you enjoy the calendars, be sure to check out @EdtechKoala on Twitter, as many similar tips are shared there as well.

"EdTechnically Speaking..."

A monthly column in the Edens Library newsletter, "EdTechnically Speaking..." touches on various topics in different forms, usually tying into special observances such as commemorative events.

Women in tech

There are a number of resources devoted to women in technology, and Educational Technology is working to compile these into something easily accessed by students who may be curious about getting into code, starting a career in development, or exploring the "softer" side of tech.

Guides on resources are forthcoming, but for now, here are some links to start your exploration. Additional resources are being collected on the "Ladies in tech" Pinterest board found here.