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First International Track Meet for Women, August 20, 1922, in Paris, France.

First International Track Meet for Women, Paris, France August 20, 1922

On Sunday, August 20, 1922, history was made in women's track and field at an international meet in Paris, France. Not only were there eighteen world records set, but the team of women from the United States made history by competing at all. Never before had a team of women from the US competed in track and field on the international level. The daunting effort to bring a team to Paris was headed by Dr. Harry Eaton Stewart. Thirteen US women competed in eleven events against competition from Great Britain, France, Switzerland, and Czechoslovakia. The United States also demonstrated the hop, step, and jump, the basketball and baseball throws after the Meet. The Meet was organized by Mme. Alice Milliat and the the Federation Sportive Feminine Internationale (FSFI) of France after the International Olympic Committee refused to include women's track and field events in the 1920 Olympic Games. The Meet was commonly referred to in that day as the Women's Olymic Games. The U.S. team placed second to the more experienced team from Great Britain.

The International Women's Games