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Speech Language Pathology (SLP)

How To Use This Guide

Databases: Use this tab to discover the best places for finding SLP research. The sub-tab "Database Strategies" will show you how to use the databases most effectively. The sub-tab "What is a scholarly article?" reviews the trademarks of scholarly articles and how to identify them.


Annotated Bibliography: This tab explains what an annotated bibliography is and how it is formatted. Check out the "Sample Annotated Bibliography" sub-tab for an example.


APA Format: The APA format tab gives general guidelines on how to format your papers in APA style. There are also sub-tabs with guidelines and examples for formatting "References" and "In-text Citations".


Children's Books: This tab is designed to help students in SLP 482 find children's books for specific sounds or speech disorders.


Contact Us: This tab tells you how to get in touch with the librarians if you need help with any part of the research process!