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SLP 375: Speech Disorders: Databases


Read five recent articles and create an annotated bibliography on cognitive stimulation therapy in individuals with dementia. Articles should be from reputable speech-language pathology, psychology, cognitive, medical and/or dementia journals.  DO NOT use journals from other countries, especially countries whose medical care is very different from that of the US.  For example, a British or Australian journal would be adequate but not a journal published in say Brazil or the Middle East.  For questions about the assignment, email Dr. Knight. For questions on research, contact a librarian.


Best Bets for SLP

Psychology Databases

Medical Databases

Reference & Instruction Librarian

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Helpful Hints

You are not limited to just these databases. Think about all the sides of your topic to help you determine what other databases you might want to use. To find a complete list of databases click the button below.

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For more help getting started, view the Research Starter Guide.