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LA 301 (Fields): Social Commentary & Animated Disney Paper

Animated Disney: Imagineering and the Social World

Resources for Research

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Depending on your topic, you may also want to try these:

Using AND in a search is a way link two (or more) words or phrases to narrow your results. This means you'll get fewer results. It is a good strategy to use if you're getting too many irrelevant results.

 Use this format: ______________ AND __________________

Example: Disney princess AND feminism

You're telling the database that the results must have BOTH of these terms. If you add another AND _____________, then your results would have to contain all three terms. Therefore, you would get fewer results, but all of these results would be highly relevant.

Using OR broadens your search. This means you'll get more results. It is a good strategy to use if you're not getting enough results.

 Use this format: ______________ OR __________________

Example: normal OR typical

You're telling the database that the results must have EITHER of these terms, it doesn't matter which one. If you add another OR _____________, then your results could contain any of the three terms. Therefore, you would get more results.

Sometimes it's appropriate to use more than one Boolean Operator in order to retrieve the results you want. In these situations parentheses are highly important because they tell the database how you want to group your keywords.

There are many ways to do this. Here are a few formats you may wish to try:

(__________ OR __________)  AND ___________                                                        Example: (Pocahontas or Mulan) and marriage

__________ AND (__________ OR ____________)                                                       Example:  Disney princess and (family or stepmother)

_________ AND __________ AND (___________ OR __________)                              Example: History and interpretation and (Pocahontas or Mulan)


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