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First International Track Meet for Women: Photographs & Other Media

First International Track Meet for Women, August 20, 1922, in Paris, France.


U. S. Team

Back row, from left: Dr. Harry Eaton Stewart, Kathryn Agar, Frances Mead, Nancy Van Voorhees, Louise Van Voorhees, Lucile Godbold, Anne Harwick, Suzanne Becker (assistant coach), Joseph D'angola (assistant coach)

Front row, from left: Janet Snow, Camille Sabie, Floreida Batson, Maybelle Gilliland, Elizabeth Stine, Esther Greene

Not pictured: Maud Rosenbaum

U.S. Team Aboard the Aquitania in New York City

Standing, from left: Lucile Godbold, Frances Mead, Nancy Van Voorhees, Suzanne Becker, Louise Van Voorhees, Anne Harwick, Esther Greene

Kneeling, from left: Maybelle Gilliland, Elizabeth Stine, Floreida Batson, Janet Snow, Camille Sabie

Not pictured: Maud Rosenbaum who was already in Paris

The Cunard liner, Aquitania

The US team traveled on the ship from New York

Suzanne Becker, assistant US coach, standing with a hurdle

US team member Camille Sabie, hurdles

US team member Esther Green lived in the Panama Canal Zone.

Kathryn Agar, of Chicago, IL, in her Oaksmere School uniform

US team member Elizabeth Gertrude Stine in her Leonia (NJ) High School uniform

Mary Lines of Great Britain finishes first in her 60-meet dash heat. Camille Sabie of the US team is directly behind her.

Members of the team representing Great Britain, Hilda Hatt (left) and D. J. Wright taking the hurdles at Battersea Park, London, in training for the First International Track Meet for Women.

US team member Camelia Sabie (second from right) winning the 100-yard hurdles. At right is teammate Floreida Batson.

Maybelle Gilliland, US team member

Members of the US team

Top row, from left: Elizabeth Stine, Lucile Godbold, Camille Sabie, Louise Van Voorhees

Bottom row, from left: Janet Snow, Floreida Batson, Esther Greene, Anne Harwick

US team member Frances Mead in action

Ready to take off

Elizabeth Stine, Camille Sabie, Maybelle Gilliland, Floreida Batson, Janet Snow

Oaksmere team in uniforms


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US team member Nancy Van Voorhees (left) with British team member Hilda Hatt


Winifred Edgerton Merrill

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Alice Milliat

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Alice Milliat rowing, circa 1913

Helen Krepps

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