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First International Track Meet for Women: Official Results

First International Track Meet for Women, August 20, 1922, in Paris, France.

Results by Event

Trials for 60 METERS:
1st heat: 1. Lines (GB); 2. Mejzlikova II (Cz); 3. Robin (F) 4. Gilliland (US). 7 4/5 seconds.
2nd heat: 1. Callebout (GB) 2. Prost (F) 3. Sabie (US) 4. Sramkova (Cz) 8 seconds.

1. Mijzlikova II (Cz); 2. Lines (GB); 3. Callebout (GB); 4. Prost (F). 7 3/5 seconds. (world's record)

"Miss Mejzlikova, who passed the 50 meters mark in 6 2/5 secs., also a world's record, won by the barest inches from Miss Lines, who showed splendid finishing form, with Miss Callebout not a foot away and Mlle. Prost close up." 

1st heat: 1. Lines (GB); 2. Prost (F); 3. Sramkova (Cz) 4. Green (US). 11 3/5 seconds.
2nd heat: 1. Mejzlikova II (Cz) 2. Callebout (GB) 3. Gilliland (US) 4. Noeppel (F) 11 2/5 seconds. (world's record)

1. Callebout (F); 2. Mejzlikova II (Cz); 3. Lines (GB); 4. Prost (F). 12 seconds.

"In the second head Miss Mejzlikova showed ahead from the very start and created four world's records, passing the 50 meters in 6 2/5 secs., 60 meters 7 3/5 secs., 80 meters 10 secs., and running out the full 100 yards in 11 2/5 secs. In the final, however, she found the brilliant burst and the perfect finishing form of the English girl, Miss Callebout, something just a shade better than she herself could produce. A yard covered the three finalist at the tape, and again Mlle. Prost, of France, was a good fourth." 

1st heat: 1. Lines (GB); 2. Darreau (F); 3. Harwick (US). 46 secs. .
2nd heat: 1. Cast (GB) 2. Godbold (US) 3.Mejzlikova I (Cz) 4. De Croze (F) 44 seconds.

1. Lines (GB); 2. Cast (GB); 3. Darreau (F); 4. Godbold (US) 44 4/5 secs.

"Although Miss Cast lost to Miss Lines in the final she ran brilliantly in the second heat, in which she set up three new world's records, i.e.,200 meters, 27 4/5 secs.; 220 yards, 28 secs.; and 250 meters, 35 4/5 secs. This was Miss Cast's only race, and all the more credit is therefore due to Miss Lines, who ran half-a-dozen times at least that day, and also won the Running Long Jump." 

1. L. Breard (F); 2. Lenoir (F); 3. Batt (GB); 4. Godbold (US) 3 mins. 12 secs. (world's record)

" In this race the Frenchwomen ran stride for stride thorughout, and there was next to nothing to choose between them when they came to the tape, having completely outdistanced Miss Batt and Miss Godbold. Mlle. Lenoir was undoubtedly unlucky to lose by the barest inches after maintaning the lead and reeling off world's records in the course of the race of 500 meters, 1 min. 29 1/5 secs.; 80 meters, 2 min. 30 2/5 secs.; and Half Mile, 2 mins. 31 1/5 secs. Mlle Breard, on the other hand, showed rare racing judgement in the way she allowed Mlle. Lenoir to pace her until she was ready to make the supreme effort, whereby she snatched victory in the last stride of an epic race." 

1st heat: 1. Batson (US); 2. G. Laloz (F); 3. Wright (GB) 4. Havlickova (Cz) 14 4/5 secs. (world's record)
2nd heat: 1.Sabie (US) 2.Hatt (GB) 3.Sevcikova (Cz) 4. Th. Laloz (F) 14 2/5 secs. (World's record)

1. Sabie (US); 2. Hatt (GB); 3. G. Laloz (F); 4. Batson (US). 14 2/5 secs. (equals world's record)

" In this event the American ladies demonstrated clearly that they came from the country in which many of the finest male hurdlers have been produced, but it is only fair to add that all the competitors showed a sound working knowledge of the modern straight-leg style." 

(best throw with right hand added to best throw with left hand)


1.Godbold (US),right hand, 36 ft. 11 7/10 ins., left hand, 29 ft. 4 2/5 ins.= 66 ft. 4 1/10 ins. (world's record, as likewise Miss Godbold's best hand put); 2. V. Morris (F); 3. Rosenbaum (US); 4. Mejzlikova I (Cz)

(freestyle, right and left hand best throws added together)

1.Pianzola (Swiss), 141 fr, 10 3/10 ins.; 2. Gancel (F); 3. Godbold (US); 4. Groslimond (Swiss). 

1. Great Britain (Lines, Callebout, Leach, and Porter); 2. France; 3. Czechoslovakia. 51 4/5 secs. (world's record)

America was disqualified. In the course of this event Miss Lines, who ran the first relay for Great Britain from a set start, made a new world's 100 meters record of 12 4/5 secs., while the British team also beat the world's relay record over the intermediate 400 meters distance, passing that mark in 51 2/5 secs." 

1. Hatt (GB) and Voorhees (US) tied at 4 ft. 9 1/10 ins.; 3. Lowman (GB) 4, Gerner (F). 

1. Lines (GB), 16 ft. 7 1/5 ins.; 2. Stine (US); 3. Sabie (US) 4. Hatt (GB) 

1. Sabie (US),8 ft. 1 9/10 in.; 2. Hughes (GB); 3. Comte (F); 4. Birchenough (GB) 

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