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EDU 150: Intro to Research in Education: Websites


State and federal websites are a great place to go for statistics, public policy information and more! Here are a few suggestions!

South Carolina Department of Education  
      Use the site's search box (upper right) to find information highly relevant to your assignment. Use terms like poverty, or state report cards

U.S. Department of Education
National Center for Education Statistics
FedStats (Plethora of government statistics!)
South Carolina Statistical Abstract  
Statistical Abstract of the United States

Use Google to identify professional organizations in the Education field. Why? Because professional organizations’ websites are great places to go for reliable and credible information! 

Try a Google search for:

professional organizations for ______________

The ‘blank’ could be……

teachers, educators, elementary teachers, high school teachers, etc.

In fact, before you even finish typing, Google will give suggestions based on past users’ searches. How cool is THAT?!

Google Web Search

Tired of Google's overkill? Tame it! Use the    site:    operator! Here's how:

Type    site:gov    OR    site:org    OR    site:edu

Then add your search terms to make Google only give you back results from governmentorganizational, or college/university sites.

Ex.    site:org common core lesson plans

Google Web Search