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EDU 150: Intro to Research in Education: Books


Yes, books are still important. :-) The Internet is great for providing the latest and greatest information on just about any topic, but books are still highly relevant and necessary because…

  • Their author(s) can provide a great deal of in-depth coverage and research on a topic
  • Books are still a highly-regarded medium of research and scholarship in the Education profession

The way information in books is brought to us today has changed. There are 2 types of Books:

    Found here in the library on the shelves

  • ELECTRONIC (eBooks)
    Found in our online subscription databases 

Although the Catalog includes electronic resources, many of the materials you will find here are physical, hardcopy books, many of which can be checked out. Start with a Keyword search and keep it simple. Put the word “and” between your search terms.

diversity and education
bullying and school 

Quick Search

Q. Where are the Education books located?
A. The "L" Call Number section, mostly on the Top Floor (General Collection). 

“L” is the designated Call Number area for the topic of Education. LB, LC, LD…etc. 

Q. How do I find this "L" section?
A. Use the shelf labels to guide you.

Most of what you'll be interested in is on the Top Floor in our General Collection. Finding a particular Call Number section in our library isn't too different from finding something in the grocery store. Just look at the labels on each shelf end until you find Call Numbers starting with the letter "L". (Hint: the shelves flow alphabetically.)

Q. Why are the Call Numbers different than my high school and public library's?
A. We use the 
Library of Congress Call Number system

You may have noticed that Edens Library (or really, every college/university library) uses a different type of Call Number system than what you’re probably used to; it’s not the Dewey Decimal System. It’s the Library of Congress Call Number system, which is alpha-numeric (ie. both letters and numbers) --> LB 1028.4 I95 2010 (Call Number for the book Multimedia Projects In Education: Designing, Producing, And Assessing by Karen S. Ivers and Ann E. Barron.)

Q. OK, so once I've got the right shelf picked out, how do I actually find the book?
A. Check out this helpful, quick video!

Credo Reference has online, full-text articles from specialized encyclopedias, such as the Encyclopedia of Special EducationGender and Education: An Encyclopedia, and the Handbook of Research on the Education of Young Children, to name a few. 

Looking for books that you can easily access from the comfort of your residence hall or off-campus? Check out EBSCO's eBook Collection!