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PSY 349: Research Methods (Dr. Cho): Finding Articles

Find Several Articles

Although PsycARTICLES is probably your best choice, Edens Library has other related databases that would be helpful to search as well:

  • Psychology & Behavioral Sciences Collection
  • SocINDEX
  • Academic Search Complete

You can even simultaneously search these other 3 databases while you are searching PsycARTICLES. Here's how:

  1. Once inside PsycARTICLES, select Choose Databases.
  2. A box listing several other databases, in alphabetical order, will pop up. Check-mark the 3 databases listed above, as well any others that look interesting to you. Click OK.

You will be taken back to the search screen, but now, your search will include all databases selected.     

Other helpful databases, depending on your specific topic, might include:

  • ERIC
  • Education Full-Text
  • Communication & Mass Media Complete

Find A *Specific* Article

Oftentimes, you will need to be able to locate the full-text of a *specific* article. The two most common scenarios in which this would occur are:

  • Your professor implicitly tells you to go find and read a particular article
  • You discover a source (article) you are interested in by using the list of References at the end of another article 

This is a skill you will need to be able to perform, not only here at Columbia College, but most certainly at the graduate level, should you decide to pursue a graduate degree. The following step-by-step search tactic will aid you in this endeavor. 

  1. Using the article citation information provided, note the name of the journal 
    (Note: This is NOT referring to the title of the article, but rather the title of the journal in which that article is published)
  2. From the library homepage, click the Journal Finder tab
  3. Enter (or better yet, copy-and-paste) the journal's name/title into the search box; click Search
  4. If any of Edens Library's databases carry the full-text of that title (or similar titles), a list will come up.

From there, you can either Search within that Publication, or you can click the Publication's title to be taken into its Detail Record. To search within the publication, simply enter (or better yet, copy-and-paste) the article's title into the search box, and you will be taken to that particular article. If Edens Library has full-text access to that particular issue, you will see that the article is available full-text. (Note: the PDF version will almost always be superior to HTML; if given the choice, please select the former.)