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J. Drake Edens Library: "What resources should my students be using?"

J. Drake Edens Library

What resources should my students be using?

It really depends on the course and the nature of the assignment, but the "short and sweet" answer is below, followed by more detailed information.

Reference Sources

Available in both print and online

It's often a good idea for students to start out with a Reference source, as these can provide valuable background information on a particular topic. The reference librarians can refer your students to highly specialized encyclopedias located in the stacks that deal with their topic (as opposed to 'general' encyclopedias, such as World Book or Britannica) as well as online References sources, such as Credo Reference.

Library Catalog

Students should also be searching the library Catalog to find other books and materials related to their topic.

Research Guides (LibGuides)

Edens Library has over two-dozen Research Guides (called LibGuides) that are custom-designed for particular assignments. Click on the Research Guides tab to see if one exists that fits your and your students' needs. Don't see one? Contact us and we can custom design one for your course or assignment.


Online Databases

Searching online databases is a great way for your students to find scholarly journal articles, as well as magazine, newspaper and encyclopedia articles. By far, one of our most popular and useful databases is Academic Search Complete.

* Please keep in mind that Online Databases provide far more full-text access to articles than the library is able to purchase in print format. Hence, as information delivery systems evolve and technological demands increase, many articles are now only available electronically through the databases.

WWW Resources

It's a wild and woolly Web out there! How can your students tame it? Encourage them to check out our tips for evaluating World Wide Web resources!

Evaluating WWW Resources

People & Services
The most important part of what we do! 

Reference Librarians

Some students tend to be shy when it comes to asking for help. So it never hurts to encourage them to seek one-on-one assistance from a Reference Librarian. During the regular semester, the library is open 84 hours per week and a Reference Librarian is on duty much of that time. (See Library Hours). Your students can also call us at 803-786-3703.

Pearce Communication Center (PCC)

Concerned about your students' writing skills? The Pearce Communication Center is here to help!

Located in the library on the Lower Level in Room 119, the friendly folks at the PCC are ready and willing to help your students! Getting help is easy and convenient. Students can either check the PCC schedule or set an appointment online. 

IT/Overton Media Center Staff

Are your students working on a multi-media project? Are they experiencing difficulty with using software? The friendly and knowledgeable folks in the Overton Media Center are here to help!

Students can either come in to receive help or call the Help Desk at 786-3007.

The Overton Media Center is located in the library on the Lower Level across from the Academic Skills Center and is open the same hours as the library. 

Can I bring my class in for a library instruction session? 
How do I go about scheduling one? 
Is there anything I should know about scheduling a session?

Yes, we would love to have you and your students! 

Click here to find out everything you need to know about scheduling a Library Instruction session.

If I'm not able to bring my class in, is there a way I can have a research guide designed for my class and their assignment?

Absolutely! While it's always a good idea to bring your class in for an instruction session, we also know that sometimes it's just not going to be possible. We are more than happy to collaborate with you in order to design an assignment-specific research guide that you and your students will find helpful. (Contact a librarian)

I've heard you can embed library resources directly into my Koala Connection course shell. Is this true? How can I have this done? 

Yes! This is a service offered by Edens Library. We can now custom-design a Portlet in your course shell that can contain as many or as few embedded library resources as you like. From librarian contact info to direct links to full-text articles, we can help you bring the library to your students via KC. Just contact a librarian and we'll be more than happy to work with you. You can also click here for more information.