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J. Drake Edens Library: Staff & Departments

J. Drake Edens Library

Staff & Departments


Library Director: Jane P. Tuttle  
Research and Instruction/Periodicals
(803) 786-3337



Circulation Desk: 786-3877

Denise Robinson, M.L.I.S.
Circulation/Interlibrary Loan Librarian
(803) 786-3878



Research & Instruction

Reference Desk: 786-3703
(All Research & Instruction Librarians will receive emails sent to this address.) 

Jane P. Tuttle, M.L.
Library Director

Research and Instruction/Periodicals
(803) 786-3337
Library Liaison for:
Behavioral Studies and Human Inquiry
Languages and Literatures

The First International Track Meet For Women


Sarah L. Hood, M.L.I.S.Sarah Hood
Head Research and Instruction Librarian
(803) 786-3570
Library Liaison for:
Arts and Communications Studies

Learn more about Sarah...


Josh Brunck, M.L.I.S.Josh Brunck
Research & Collection Development Librarian
(803) 786-3338



Edens Library is the official depository for the Columbia College Archives. The collection contains photographs, annuals, and other documents relating to the history of the college. Please contact Jane Tuttle either by email at or you may call by phone at 786-3337.

A selection of materials on heavily researched topics from the Archives is available on Ready Reference. Ask a librarian for help.