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J. Drake Edens Library: Schedule a library instruction session for your class

J. Drake Edens Library

How To Schedule A Library Instruction Session

Just like you, we want your students to be the best that they can be! Scheduling an Information Literacy session for your class can make the difference between a lackluster paper/project and one that is A+ quality!

How could a library Information Literacy session benefit my students? Is it worth giving up an entire class period?

Absolutely! All too often we assume that any student who enters college must be technology-savvy and can therefore handle herself in the college's library. But oftentimes, that is simply not the case. Many students are indeed 'gadget-savvy,' but this does not necessarily mean they are 'information savvy'; they may be able to acquire a great deal of information, but can often make poor choices in the quality of information they gather. That is where we, the library staff, come in! One 50-minute Information Literacy session at the library can reap enormous short-and long-term benefits for your students.

How do I schedule an Information Literacy session?

Contact Jane Tuttle (786-3337 or email: Or come in (Hours) or call the Reference Desk at 786-3703 (x. 3703).