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J. Drake Edens Library: Archives

J. Drake Edens Library

Columbia College Archives

Edens Library is the official depository for the Columbia College Archives. The collection contains photographs, annuals, and other documents relating to the history of the college. Please contact Jane Tuttle either by email at or you may call by phone at 786-3337.

A selection of materials on heavily researched topics from the Archives is available in the Ready Reference area on the Main Level. Ask a librarian for help. 



The Columbia College Archives is an outgrowth of the Columbia College Alumnae Association Historical and Archives Committee which was established in 1971 to collect and preserve documents and artifacts relative to the history of Columbia College. At the March 18, 1978, meeting of the Historical and Archives Committee and with the concurrence of the Executive Committee of the Alumnae Association, it was agreed that the College Librarian become an ex-officio member of the committee, that the collection be transferred to the library for maintenance and storage, and that the College administration officially support the activities of the Committee. In a memorandum of April 24, 1978, Dr. Ralph Mirse, President of Columbia College, agreed that this committee should collect and preserve papers and documents of the institution. Each administrative department was notified by the President's Office that two copies of important items should be sent to the College Librarian for deposit in the College Archives. The official name of the originating committee was changed in 1981 to the Archives Committee of the Alumnae Association. 

Mission Statement 

The Columbia College Archives is the primary depository for historical records pertaining to Columbia Female College, Columbia College, and its faculty and students. The purpose of the Columbia College Archives is to collect, preserve, organize, and make available for research the historical records of the College. In addition, the archives seek to serve as a resource and laboratory to stimulate creative teaching and learning. 

Collection Policy 

The Columbia College Archives actively collects recorded information that contributes to the history of the College. In addition the Archives also collects papers and documents that support the purpose of the archives that are generated by administrative departments, faculty committees, student organizations, and any College related group or individual. The Archives is a depository of recorded information, and therefore, does not actively collect artifacts. Columbia College Archives welcomes all relevant donations. 

The Columbia College Archives also collects images that document the history of Columbia College, and its faculty, staff, and students. Photographic formats collected include, color images, black & white images, slides, and images in electronic format. Access to photographic collections is available within the Archives. 


Columbia College Archives welcomes donations of materials related to the College. In particular, the archives is looking for correspondence and other materials originating within the College and its departments as well as from individuals or organizations affiliated with the College. Early copies of student newspapers, bulletins, and commencement programs are needed to create a more complete collection. Also, material related to early presidents, staff and students such as correspondence and photographs are being sought to enhance early collections. Current publications are also integral to the collection as well. 

Policies (Regarding Donations) 

All donations sent by individuals or organizations other than Columbia College will be transferred to the Archives by a Deed of Gift signed by both parties. The following conditions will govern the acceptance of donations: 

One: Columbia College Archives will store and maintain donated materials according to accepted archival principles and procedures to ensure both preservation and accessibility to researchers. Columbia College shall not be liable for damage or destruction of materials by fire, water, or other casualty. 

Two: The Archives will dispose of any surplus materials as indicated by the donor in the deed of gift. Surplus materials are any items which are determined to have no permanent value or historical interest, are outside the scope of materials collected by the archives or those items which cannot be adequately housed. If the donor does not specify disposition instructions for surplus materials, the Archives will use its discretion in disposing of such materials. 

Three: All materials will be made available to all qualified researchers on equal terms of access. Donors who require restrictions on access or use of their materials for reasons of privacy or confidentiality must state the restrictions on the Deed of Gift. 

Four: Researchers using donated materials will be supplied copies, upon request, of items from the collection(s) in accordance with policies of the Columbia College Archives unless such copying is restricted by the donor. This type of restriction must have an expiration date. 

Five: Whenever the donor transfers copyright to Columbia College, the college may exercise or transfer to a third party the right to quotation or publication. For those materials for which the donor maintains copyright, the Columbia College Archives will refer all requests to publish or quote to the owner of the copyright. 

InterLibrary Loan 

Materials held in the Archives will not be available on loan. Photocopies and scans will be loaned in accordance with US copyright law (Title 17, United States Code). 


Archives staff will perform all photocopying. Photocopies and scans will be made available for only for those participating in research or private study. In accordance with copyright law, only one copy will be made of copyrighted materials, including manuscripts. The archives will copy an entire work only when shown written permission from the copyright holder. The archives may refuse a request for photocopying if such copying will violate copyright law or if it will damage fragile materials. Copies and scans are $ .10 cents per page. Copies may be mailed to the researcher for the price of shipping plus $ .10 cents per page. 

Photocopying Photographs 

The Columbia College Archives provides duplication service of photographs within its care through scanning into electronic format. Services consist of scanning photographs (applicable fees will be charged), including scanning to a specific resolution and format (TIF, JPEG, BMP). The Archives staff does not provide graphic design assistance or photograph manipulation - such manipulation is the responsibility of the researcher. 

Large projects will take time, so please plan accordingly. The Archives does not provide "rush" service on large duplication requests. 

Early History of Columbia College 

"These digital collections include diplomas, literary society membership certificates, class rings, and jewelry." ( 

           View the Collection

This digital collection is made possible through the generous donation of time and talent by the staff at Clemson University's South Carolina Digital Libraries Project.  


Pages From The Past 

Pages from the Past is an exhibit created by the University of South Carolina in 2008. The exhibit includes medieval manuscripts from archival institutions from across South Carolina. Columbia College Archives contributed six manuscripts which can be seen at