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ENG 101 (Walker): Good Life...Greater Good: Keywords / Search Terms To Use

Keywords / Search Terms To Use

Search box, what am I supposed to type?

Knowing what to type in to the library's database search box can be challenging for an assignment like this. Below, you'll find a list of keywords and search terms that you, as a class, generated in your groups during the library instruction session.
Note: Not every topic that Prof. Walker outlines in the assignment description is represented.  

The impact of technology on well-being

Technology: cell phones     computers     iPods     internet     medical devices     computers     bank cards     GPS navigation systems     iPads     tablets     smartphones     social media     skype     video chat

Well-being: health     happiness     access to resources     safety     stress management     healthy living


The meaning of friendship in a socially-networked world

Friendships: subscribers     friends     followers     family     girl/boy friends     parents     siblings     extended family     soul mate     God-parents     step-parents     acquaintance     student/teacher     

Social Networks: Facebook     Twitter     Instagram     SnapChat     Tublr     YouTube

The correlation between doing good and feeling good

Good Works/Deeds: charity work     volunteering     clean the community     educating     donating

Feeling Good: healthy     energetic     emotional stability     access to food (ie. food security)     being/falling in love     cheerful     lively     happiness     access to goods/services     successful     content     confident

The American Dream

What IS "The American Dream"?
pursuit of happiness       being successful       equal opportunity       ownership       living simply       having enough money       "rags to riches"       fulfilling life       unlimited opportunities       religious freedom       freedom of speech       freedom of choice/ability to make your own decisions       married with children       white picket fence       having a big house       what you make it       individualism            

The Good Life

What IS "The Good Life"?
pursuit of happiness       worry free       friendships       master yourself       avoid excess       live in harmony       live responsibly       whatever makes one happy in life       achieving success       desire what you get       open to change       lifelong learning       be proactive     foster and nurture relationships     self-improvement     limitless     self-sufficiency     freedom of ______ (movement, choice, religion, speech, etc.) 

Race, class, gender, educational level and/or ethnic (ie. one’s nationality) perspectives on The Good Life

female     male     middle class     upper class     lower class     american     mexican     canadian     european     african-american     racial identity     racial background     humanity     cultural group     white/caucasian     hispanic-american     native-american     nationality     ethnic group     society     government

high school diploma     GED     associate's degree     bachelor's degree     master's degree     doctorate

Minimalism and Sustainability (as they relate to our lifestyle choices)

Minimalism: downsizing     freedom     "tiny house movement"     basic, simply living     essential living    

Sustainability: biophilia     ecotourism     recycling     saving  

Activities/Practices: reuse     re-purpose     recycle     downsize     live simply     eat organic     less driving/use mass transit     save money     reduce