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Educational Technology: Projects and workshops

Educational Technology at Columbia College

Past, present, and future

                                 Image from GrahamPics1 on Flickr

This is the Projects and workshops page on the EdTech website for Columbia College.

Educational Technology has created guide materials and has prepped for many workshops on campus. These pages link to some of those materials, from handouts from past classroom sessions to webinar-style training videos.

From the "Completed projects" page, you can view training materials such as KC 101, a training module designed for faculty new to Columbia College's learning management system; a guide to GoToMeeting for faculty and staff; training videos on programs such as Windows Movie Maker and Prezi; and more.

From the "Ongoing projects" page, you can see current projects in progress in Educational Technology, from the monthly "Tidbits and Bytes" calendar to efforts in digital humanities and women in technology initiatives.

From the "Future projects" page, you can see possible projects in Educational Technology. If one of these projects interests you, please get in touch so we can talk.

Finally, on the "Workshops" page, you can see past and upcoming workshop materials as well as suggest a new workshop.

You can navigate the pages in this section via the dropdown menu accessed by clicking on the Projects and workshops tab.