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Educational Technology: Completed projects

Educational Technology at Columbia College

Finished projects and viewable resources

Here is a selection of resources from completed projects from Educational Technology. Some of the projects were developed for particular classes, while others were meant to be shared with the wider campus community.

If you have any questions or comments about a resource, please reach out.

KC 101

Koala Connection, or KC, is the learning management system (LMS) used at Columbia College. To help faculty understand how to use KC to create their course shells, add course content, create tests and quizzes, and use the forums, Educational Technology created KC 101.

The course module can be accessed through this link. Please note that you must be logged in for KC to recognize your faculty permissions.

KC 101 links both to course content on KC itself as well as to a selection of YouTube tutorial videos. The KC training video playlist can also be accessed from the link above.

YouTube video tutorials

Video tutorials on using Prezi and Windows Movie Maker can be found in the playlists area of Educational Technology's YouTube page. Each set of videos walks through the creation of a project using the service so that you can see how things work from the ground up. You don't need to be logged into YouTube to access the videos.

Miscellaneous projects

Here is a selection of miscellaneous projects that may be of interest. Please contact Educational Technology if you'd like more information.

  • Ethics, LLC, a short text game written in Twine developed for a business class to teach ethics in an entertaining way. Twine is a useful resource for creating fun, interactive learning experiences.

GoToMeeting help guide

GoToMeeting is a videoconferencing service available for use by faculty and staff at Columbia College. With GoToMeeting, presenters can share screens, webcams, and audio to present virtual lectures.

Educational Technology has compiled a short guide on using GoToMeeting. The guide can be found on Koala Connection by clicking on this link.

Please note that you must be logged into KC in order for the guide to recognize faculty and staff permissions and let you view the resource. Additionally, the guide does not include login information for the service.

For students who would like to use videoconferencing or livestreaming tools, look into Google Hangouts, a Google app that offers free group video conferences with optional recording for YouTube, or the free limited version of GoToMeeting, accessible from this link.

Koala Commons media dropbox

Copyright is an issue of particular importance to today's media-driven society. Creative Commons is a licensing type for media that allows creators to share their work with anyone who wants to use it as an asset in creating something new.

What does this mean? Photographers can allow designers to use their photos as background images for flyers. Illustrators can offer their drawings for use in web design. Students can snag Creative Commons-licensed music for their presentations.

Koala Commons is a small effort to collect high-quality Creative Commons-licensed works from Flickr, ccMixter, and more. Click here to access the Dropbox folder containing the media. Please read the introductory document before downloading any files so that you can properly attribute the creators.

Handouts and resources