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Criminal Justice: Finding More Research

Making the Most of Others' Research

While it's necessary to be able to identify and access important research materials on your own, there is nothing wrong with utilizing the work of others. In fact, the ability to do so is a vital skill which all serious researchers must possess.

One of the hallmarks of a professional, academic research paper or report is a list, or "bibliography", of sources the author used for his/her research. This list is included at the end of the paper/report and should be considered a valuable source of further reading.

Sometimes this list is labeled Bibliography, but can also be called Notes, References, Sources, or Works Cited. Use the citation information provided to find the full-text of that paper/report either in our databases (see Articles About CJ tab --> Searching With A Citation), or on the Internet (see Websites About CJ tab).   

Sample Bibliography

Does an article or report you've found have one of these?? GREAT! This is a GOLDMINE of information! Use it to your advantage.