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COMM 100: Celebratory Event: Intro


Use this guide to help you find information and resources about your celebratory event. Below, please find information directly quoted from the assignment description that Dr. Huell has provided you with; this will help to guide your research. Highlighting is mine (Ms. Hood).     

  1. Select a celebratory event. Each student must have a distinct event, so choose an event that is interesting to you. The event may be global, regional, local, cultural, political, popular, etc., and it need not be widely known. You must be able to articulate the event you choose in terms of who, what, when, where, why, and how?
  2. This speech will require you to do research.  Though not required, you might consider selecting an interviewee with knowledge on your topic in addition to your other research. This may include statistics, articles, essays, documentaries, etc. You MUST incorporate the sources for information you cite within the text of the speech as you present it.  For example, “According to the May 23, 2014, issue of the State Newspaper,…"  We will spend time in class and in the Library learning about, and doing, research.
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    E. A Works Cited page indicating at least three (3) sources.  Sources must be credible.  You may not use sources exclusively from the Web, and with very few exceptions, sources such as the National Enquirer, Seventeen, etc. are not appropriate.  Be sure to properly cite all sources, and follow MLA style citation format.