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COMM 100: Inform. Speech (Dr. Huell), Spring 2017: Books


YES! the library *is* still in the business of books! However, more and more 'book' resources are shifting over to eBooks, as opposed to hardcopy books. (Although we still have plenty of those!)

Hardcopy Books

If your hobby/activity is popular, we may have a book(s) about it.  

Ex. Keyword: gaming

Most of what you'll find here should be located on the Top (3rd) Floor. 

MLA Citation
How to cite a book in MLA:


Want your audience to know the real story behind your favorite hobby/activity? Then check out Credo Reference!

Want more in-depth info to wow your audience with? Maybe some history on it, or how it's practiced around the world? Check out our eBook Collection!