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GB 401: The Global Business Enterprise (El-Shazly): Databases: Find Articles

Columbia College's Research Databases

Research Help for your 25-page Paper
The information contained in this research guide should prove especially helpful for compiling your Bibliography List.

Columbia College has access to several specialized research databases that contain thousands of high-quality articles relevant to your topic that are not available on the Internet. Your instructors will be highly impressed if you use these valuable resources. 

Types of articles include:

  • scholarly, peer-reviewed journal articles
  • professionally written articles in trade publications
  • articles/chapters from highly specialized eBooks

Keep scrolling for more information on how to access these articles. 

Finding Articles

When accessing our databases, you will be prompted to log in. Enter your Username and Password. 

Username: Your username is your full CC email address, which should be your
Password: Unless you have changed it, your password should be Koala (with a capital "K"), plus the last 4 digits of your SSN. 

Password: Koala1234

** Please Note: If you are refused the first time, please log in a second time. (Sometimes it takes the system time to recognize you.)

Having trouble? Click the Contact Us tab on this guide. 

  1. Make sure the Full-Text and Scholarly/Peer-Reviewed boxes are check-marked.
    (For a quick refresher on what "scholarly/peer-reviewed" entails, click here.) 
  2. Enter 2 or 3 Keywords into the Search box, making sure to type "AND" between them. 
    This is the tough part: knowing what Keywords to put in. Here's some advice. 
    1. Brainstorm for Keywords using your class text, the assignment description and other related readings.
    2. Brainstorm as a group. 
    3. Ask Dr. El-Shazly.
    4. Watch the video below. 
  3. Only use articles with a publication date that falls within the time-frame Dr. El-Shazly will accept. (Ex. the last 12 months, the last 3 years, etc.)



Do you have a specific journal or journal article citation you need to look up? Simply enter the title of the journal. If we carry it in full-text, it will appear in the results list. You can then search within that publication. 

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