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ENG 101: Hornbuckle: Ethnography: Internet

Internet Sources

Per Dr. H: "You also need to check out your subculture’s website or sites that are similar.  Analyze the digital representation.  For some of you, who have subcultures with limited web information, you may compare your subculture’s website with a website from a similar subculture.  You may also do web research to help inform you about the site, artifacts used by insiders, as well as the subculture in general."

Again, because your subculture choice could be wide open, it’s tough to recommend a search strategy. If you’re using a website, Dr. H wants it to be “informative.” So be prepared to justify your choice.

It's likely that your chosen subculture is part of a larger culture or group (think Association, Alliance, Society, etc.). Therefore, I would strongly recommend that you visit that group’s website.  So how do you find this out? Try this:

Google: Type in the name (or short description) of your subculture and add any one of the words below. Try different ones.

Association           Foundation          Institute               Center                   Society/Guild          Coalition              Alliance
Organization         Agency                Bureau                 Council                 Federation              Commission         Board

        Example:        mini disc golf federation             dreadlocks society            theater foundation  

You can even add "South Carolina" (or another state) to your search.

        Example:        South Carolina library association